Is there the possibility to add dynamic content?

Yes! We support the templating engine Twig for your HTML content. So you can add some dynamic content like the date and time of the PDF rendering or reformat some content, for example, to uppercase. For the full details of Twig's possibilities, please check their documentation.

See a small example of what is possible in the requests JSON body below.

    "css": "body { color: red; }",
    "html": "Hello PrintCSS Cloud<br/>This document was rendered on {{ 'now'|date(timezone='Europe/Paris') }}<br/>{% apply upper %}This text becomes uppercase {% endapply %}"

To send the request to our API now, you need to subscribe to a plan on RapidAPI. With this, you get the API key that is required to authenticate with our REST service. How to send a request you can see in the "How to create a PDF from my HTML and CSS Code?" article.

In the attached PDF below, you can see how this JSONs rendering result looks.

dynamic content (PDF, 10.65 KB)